15 July 2008


Spinning is my new passion the last few weeks. That is Spinning in the fitness sense!

I've been getting myself out of the bed early these mornings to hit the gym for the 6.45am Spinning Classes. What a great way to start the day. I am beginning to get a real buzz from it. Now if only I were spinning yarn.... I'd be reeling out hanks by the dozen at the rate I am pumping the pedals during my Spin Class.

My weight has dropped by about 4lbs.... not sure yet if that is just water loss or a fat loss.

I have committed myself to a 200 ab crunch routine everyday for the next month to see if I can redefine my waist.

I will be a fitter knitter! I will be a fitter knitter!

05 July 2008

Photos from WWKiP DAY!!!

Recent Knitting Photos






Schools Out...... and its raining!

Gosh... I am a really crap blogger. Ravelry is the only thing that excites me on the web these days... which eats into my knitting time. It is very addictive.

Well, schools out and the kids are home, and... its raining! Jeez, what the hell do ya do with kids, in the rain, that doesn't involve money!

This is our first time in about 9yrs that we are NOT going abroad on vacation. I am trying my best to keep a smile on my face and be upbeat about it, but its pretty damn hard when torrential rain is hammering the house. I'm thinking I need a weather proof plan of action for the next 2mths. Any suggestions?

Here is a list of things I'd LIKE to get done this summer:

1. Have fun with the kids..... I do love having them around, honestly. I really want to create great childhood memories for them. Times that are filled to the brim with smiles and laughter.

2. If at all possible, I'd like to maintain my personal fitness routine this summer. Summers past, I've found myself abandoning my fitness to spend time with my girls. Surely, I can do both this year. This summer... I would really love to lose maybe 7lbs. I'd also like to make a positive decision to DO the Dublin City Marathon in October, rather than just hesitantly saying I'd 'like' to do it.

3. My house needs to be painted, inside and out. It badly needs it!

4. Finish all my outstanding knitting WIPs!!!

5. I'd like to devote some time on designing a fabulous piece of knitwear. I've got ideas swimming in my head but I just can't seem to find that uninterrupted period of time, in that inspirational place, where I can focus and allow beauty flow from my fingers. It would be such fun!

Small list.... but big, big desires.

09 April 2008

Bloom n Airedales

Introducing Meg....

Introducing Bran....

Cold but sunny... perfect light for photographing my latest FO.... Bloom.

27 February 2008


Remember Janice from Friends?.... well........
OH.......... MY.............. GOD!!!!!

Has it really been November 2007 since my last blog entry? Yes it has!

Is there such thing as Ravelry-aholics Anonymous? Please?

I need it........

Hi... my name is Jellyknits and I am a Ravelry-aholic!!!

07 November 2007

Hope Tree

Well the pace of my life has certainly stepped up several gears in the last couple of weeks.

The Childrens Hope Tree Project has launched!!!! I have gathered a panel of great parents who have volunteered to help with this massive undertaking. So far we have successfully completed two days of textile craft work in the school. We have at least another 7 school days scheduled.

Each child represents a stitch in the fabric of society. As each stitch plays an important part in the creation of a fabric or tapestry, so too does each child play a vital role in creating a beautiful community.

The underlying theme of the project is stitch, weave, textile. Every child participates by creating a christmas decoration using an element of textile. For example, Funky Yarn Folk, Pompoms, String Balls, etc. Each christmas decoration is woven together in the form of a garland, reflecting the unity of each class. Each garland embraces the christmas tree, reflecting the gathering of a community.

Historically the evergreen tree was celebrated because it represented the 'hope' of the return of Spring.

This project represents community embracing hope!!!!

I am so excited!!!!